NEW!!! A Totally Unique Range of Cellular Resonance 

Hypotherapy CD's - written and recorded by Advanced Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner, Allison McQueen-Luzar 

Allison's New Range of Cellular Resonance Hypnotherapy Downloads... totally unique and incorporating brain wave stimulation, special sound effects, direction on a cellular level, subliminal commands and so much more, are designed to really make the difference in your gaining control back on your life in the easiest and most simple and supportive way.  

"I feel totally different and more positive after listening only twice... thank you!" 

  • Pre-Conceptual Preparation for woman
  • IBS & Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 
  • Migraine and Headaches 
  • Anxiety and Depression 
  • Eczema & Skin Disorders 
  • Coming off Sugar 
  • Stop Smoking 
  • Pandemic Stress & Embracing Change 
  • ​Bespoke Recordings provided 

Allison McQueen-Luzar - Winner of

Holistic Therapist Magazine ​Best Practitioner 2016 Award  

Testimonial July 2016 - Thank you Jane!

"I can absolutely vouch for everything that Allison McQueen-Luzar has stated!! Without her wonderful knowledge, care, skill, call it what you will, our lives would be so different than they are now. Allison completely cured my daughter's two years of hell with chronic fatigue when she was 13, with such care and devotion. To see Tess now, glowing with health, Sky-diving, skiing, water skiing with so much good health and joie de vivre, it is impossible to picture her back in those dark days - and my husband is making excellent progress, with her advice, care and support, and is kicking Parkinson's where it the bin!! Her diagnostic skills are like something else!!" JC

One of the cutest testimonials we have had...  After desensitisation, and getting rid of her reflux, she can now eat cake!  Love it!

"Going to The McQueen Clinic was like seeing a medical clairvoyant!  After 8 years of chronic illness,  I was amazed by the accuracy of the diagnostics, along with the detailed explanation of why I was ill, with the results given to me in that first consultation.   I then had an hour of Bioresonance treatment, and walked out feeling better within two hours!"  JW

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