McQueen Health Clinic

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“I remember my first visit, I broke down and cried.  I couldn’t believe that after 3 years someone was taking such care and time over me.    Just to say thank you for changing my life doesn’t seem enough.   I can only say I shall remember your excellent treatment and kindness always.”  Christine Nash

“You’re gorgeous, amazing and a life changer”  Adil Hosgar – “The Fit Farm” Channel 4/Tenerife (October 2004)

“Tell anyone who will listen that you have managed something I never thought possible – to feel healthy again after 15 years of M.E. – Thank you so much!  Phillipa McInness (Feb 2002)

“Allison McQueen is an exceptional woman.   A most dynamic, caring and life-enhancing human being, totally committed to the well-being of her patients, family and friends, not only physically (in which she is an innovative light in her field of medicine), but also on the mental, emotional and spiritual side, in which she equally shows great insight, knowledge and compassion. Allison always has total commitment, understanding and ability to shine wherever she chooses to put her focus and energy” Marilyn Cahane (2002)

"Allison continually strives to help maintain and improve my levels of well being and elite performance which have enabled me to become World Rally Champion.  Allison is a vital part of this co-drivers equipment"

Robert Reid - 2001 World Rally Champion.

The McQueen Clinic Allergy Testing

The McQueen Health Clinic Allergy Testing & Treatment

A few Testimonials 

​"Going to The McQueen Clinic was like seeing a medical clairvoyant!  After 8 years of chronic illness,  I was amazed by the accuracy of the diagnostics, along with the detailed explanation of why I was ill, with the results given to me in that first consultation.   I then had an hour of Bioresonance treatment, and walked out feeling better within two hours!"  JW 

"I can absolutely vouch for everything that Allison McQueen-Luzar has stated!! Without her wonderful knowledge, care, skill, call it what you will, our lives would be so different than they are now. Allison completely cured my daughter's two years of hell with chronic fatigue when she was 13, with such care and devotion. To see Tess now, glowing with health, Sky-diving, skiing, water skiing with so much good health and joie de vivre, it is impossible to picture her back in those dark days - and my husband is making excellent progress, with her advice, care and support, and is kicking Parkinson's where it the bin!! Her diagnostic skills are like something else!!"  Jane Collins 

“Thank you Magician” Keith Mayer – Tenerife (October 2004)

“To be able to eat, drink and talk without pain is a wonderful experience – I had never realised just how miserable my mouth ulcers and problems made me.   It may sound corny and over the top, but Allison has totally changed my life and I will be endebted to her forever!!!”  Collette Riley (March 1996)

“It sounds unbelievable, but Allison tested me without any information about me to illustrate how effective her technique is.  There is no way she could have known I was suffering from an inner ear infection at the time, but she discovered it!  As a reporter, I am a fairly sceptical person – I’m now totally convinced.”   Margaret Thomas – Reporter Limited Edition  (March 1995)

“Amazing, the most effective financial investment for Prodrive this year!”
Mr. Hugh Chambers, Director of Motor Sport for Prodrive

In Memory of the amazing Mr. Richards Burns 1971- 2005 - an honour to have been in your life