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For patients who have been there, done it and worn the T-Shirt, who want the most comprehensive health check available...to really know what is going on... Our Platinum Service offers a full Health MOT, Food Intolerance Testing, Bioresonance Treatment, Urine Analysis, Blood Pressure Check, AND our new Bioplasm 8D NLS Scan which will colour code every organ to show you where there are any problems!  

  • Top to Toe Health MOT's
  • Pre-conceptual Heath MOT's
  • Sperm Compatibility Testing & Desensitisation
  • Allergy Testing
  • Electromagnetic Allergy Desensitisation
  • Sports Performance Screening
  • Full Laboratory Testing
  • Hayfever Allergy Identification/Desensitisation
  • NEW:  Bioplasm 9D NLS
  • Severe Eczema and Skin Infections
  • NEW:  Latest Technology in total Health Diagnostics - 30 years of research behind it.

AML Bioresonance has been wonderful in helping us conceive twin girls, after four failed IVFs and five years of trying to have a baby.  Not only did the sperm desensitisation work, but we saved a fortune by falling naturally!

- GN London

Office Hours

Tuesday - Friday: 9:00 - 5:00 pm.

Saturday: 11:00 - 5.00 pm.

Sunday& Monday: Closed

Email:  Enquiries@amcqueenluzar.com

Mobile: 7864233239 

AML Bioresonance Limited

High Wycombe Bucks

+44 7864233239

Clinic News

21 Million People in the UK suffer from allergy related disorders!  If you are one of them, give us a call to find out about the latest desensitisation technology!

We are a caring and friendly team that base our success on our patients' long-term good health and the fact that we have seen 30,000 patients by word of mouth. 

We believe in very personalised care based on your health concerns. 

Meet the Team

Our Services 

We accept private GP referrals or self referrals.   A full top to toe Health Screening... bacteria, virus, toxicities, full organ status, hormonal profile, food intolerance testing, immediate diagnostics, plus an hour of Bioresonance. 

Health MOT

Platinum Health Screenings


We offer all our new patients the opportunity to discuss their case in a FREE 15 minutes telephone consultation if they wish - to book please Call +447523993627 for scheduling.  AML Biorsonance offers Food Sensitivity Testing and Desensitisation.

Appointment Request

Cat, Dog & Animal Allergy Relief

 Sneezing?  Itchy Eyes?  Bioresonance desensitisation can  stop your reactions rapidly... and you  can keep symptoms free. 


Allergy Relief

After years of migraine, AML Bioresoanance got rid of them within 6 weeks.  Now I feel amazing and totally in control of my future.

DT East Sussex

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Pre-conceptual Health Screenings

We offer a top to toe Health Analysis prior to conception, whether naturally or with assisted conception.    

If you would like to be kept updated on the latest from AML Bioresonance please sign up!  We only send you good stuff! 

The McQueen Clinic

"Having a consultation with Allison is like stepping into a world for only the privileged few... astonishingly accurate diagnosis... instantly too!  AML is always my first port of call for my family's health issues"  GB Bucks

"My baby boy was covered in infected eczema and had just been discharged from hospital.  Nothing seemed to work, and I was desperate... I couldn't believe the difference after one consultation and treatment with Bioresonance and how quickly his skin healed.. I will always be eternally grateful "  MB High Wycombe

Call Us:  +44 7923997627